Bienvenidos! Welcome to this fusion of writing, cooking, and DIY-ing that I like to call  a blog. I’m Christina, but when I was young and had nary a tooth I called myself Tita. Fortunately or unfortunately, my inability to enunciate produced a long-lasting nickname.

So here I am as Tita Incognita. Myself as Tita and the latter term refers to my relative anonymity on the world wide web (and hey let’s be honest the rhyming is catchy). The ‘neat’ part is that ‘tita’ actually has its own significance. In Spanish, it’s a cutesy way of saying Aunt (Tía) and in Haiwan, ‘tita’ refers to a tough woman, “one that is large and in charge” (source) . So while my name was originally intended to evoke nothing but feelings of nostalgia, I’ve already branded myself as a loving guardian and tough as nails kind of gal. I don’t know about you all, but I dig it.

My motto for this blog is: let loose and go free. I plan to take my sweet-time writing about things I enjoy and creating dishes that excite me. Without further adieu, Enjoy!



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